Eli is a year old male black/brindle/lab/shepherd mix. More information below.

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Breed: Brindle/Lab/Shepherd Mix
Gender: Male
Weight: 60 pounds
Age: One Year Old
House-Trained: Somewhat
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Shots: Yes
Adoption Fee: $125

Eli is a year old male black/brindle/lab/shepherd mix. Eli weighs approximately 60 pounds. He is crate trained, and somewhat house trained. He has an interesting cropped tail. Eli showed up on an elderly lady's porch and she couldn't take care of him. He is extremely energetic and loves to play. He needs daily exercise! If you are a runner, he would be a great running partner. He likes cats and kids. He likes most dogs, however, he has shown aggression towards other dogs. We are working on this with him. He is very smart and has learned to sit and wait. Eli needs a very strong leader in his human, and someone who will continue to work with him on obedience and discipline training, and to be sure he gets plenty of exercise to curb some of his energy. But he will be a great dog.