King is a four year old bull terrier mix. More information below.

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Breed: Bull Terrier Mix
Gender: Male
Weight: 80-100 pounds
Age: Four Years Old
House-Trained: Yes
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Shots: Yes
Adoption Fee: $100

King is an amazing dog. He started his life on a chain and lived in a abandoned lot guarding a trailer with an occasional visit from his owner till our founders discovered him and visited him every day. They talked the owner into letting him go so he could have a better life. He then lived in boarding for a year. Then, he found a family and life was great for about two years until they divorced. He was an emotional support dog for his dad, but due to life’s circumstances King was again left behind. We were able to get him safe. He was stressed out and is being fostered by someone who loves him, but can’t keep him. He will have to be introduced to new dogs as he lives with two now and does great. He loves to lounge on the couch and be lazy.